The Language Gallery Canada adopts a communicative approach to language learning utilizing authentic materials focused on active participation and meaningful communication to develop the ability of learners to use English freely and competently.


Communicative Approach: At TLG Canada, we aim to offer real and meaningful communication, at all English levels. Rather than focusing only on the grammar, we adopt the lexical approach to language learning, we draw your attention to functional words and phrases that are common and natural in real-life situations.

Learner-centered environment: We use authentic materials and design customized curriculums that help uncover skills and knowledge of the learners, focus on their interests and beliefs.

Teachers: Our experienced teachers help you explore the English language and identify where you have gaps in your knowledge. You will be given the types of tasks you need for life inside and outside of the classroom.

University Pathway Program (UPP):  TLG Canada offers a pathway program to prepare the leaders of the future. Students develop English, as well as communication and professional skills, in order to be at the top of the class at a Canadian university or college. Our University Pathway Program is an intensive program and it is aimed at helping students improve their academic skills, fluency and grammatical accuracy.


TLG Canada students are able to further boost their English skills while participating in joined free activities and workshops with other students who all speak in different levels of English. Students will progress faster and feel more confident while having fun. Besides, there is no better way to break the ice and spark up a conversation with a new friend than with these organized free activities.