As of today, on-campus registrations are available for Vancouver campus only. As the campus remains closed, the programs will be temporarily delivered online at a discounted rate. Please, contact to receive more information.

You will have the opportunity to practice your English not only in the classroom, but also online through our activities and workshops.

General English is available in two different intensities: 15 hours and 25 hours per week. Each lesson is 1 hour. Choose the intensity that better suits your schedule and learning needs. With the Standard General English program students learn the core of the program by studying necessary modules and practicing essential skills. When choosing Intensive General English the students have an opportunity to choose one of the available electives to focus on the specific language ability.

Our qualified teachers will ensure to look after each student as an individual and schedule regular sessions to review the student’s progression in case the student is falling behind.

Students can take the GCAS pre-arrival English Assessment, which will give the student an estimate of their current English level.



The General English Program will be delivered through a blended learning model of both online and in-class lessons.

Students will have flexibility of online classes and unlimited access to the self-study resources. The online lessons consist of online quizzes, assignments and materials graded and supervised through the online learning platform as well as face-to-face Zoom sessions with an experienced instructor and other classmates.

While at the School, students can enjoy all the available campus facilities.

Students can choose from 30 or 40 lessons per week.

General English – Schedule




Duration: Minimum 2 weeks. We encourage students to book at least 8 weeks to complete one level of English at TLG Canada.

Click here for the full 2024 Academic Calendar.

Level Progression

1 Total Course duration will vary based on the student’s current level and their progress through the modules. Please see TLG Academic Progression Policy.

2 Estimated equivalency with IELTS Academic levels.


Apply Online or per Email

Receive your Study Plan

Provide All Required Documentation

Receive Letter of Acceptance and make all
preparations for your travel to Canada

Start Your Journey

Admission Requirements

To start the classes, the students should complete the English Assessment and fully pay for their program 14 days prior to the intake. Please, check our policies for additional information.