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Explore the large variety of courses we have available

The English for Specific Purposes courses teach particular language and vocabulary required for specific industries. The Language Gallery offers a range of business specific language classes that can be chosen according to personal relevance and your interest.

Learning industry specific terminology will open many opportunities for you in English-speaking countries around the world as well as boost your career prospects in your chosen field.

Explore the large variety of courses we have available:

  • Finance – If you are pursuing a career in the financial industry, this class can teach you the terms and phrases that you will need in the workplace.
  • Tourism & Hospitality – For students that are entering the exciting field of tourism and hospitality where English is crucial for success, this elective can help you advance in your career.
  • Advertising & Marketing – With advertising and marketing becoming more globalized, this elective teaches the vocabulary and language skills you’ll need to be competitive.
  • Law – This class is ideal for people who already have some training in law or are legal students. It will enhance your language skills and teach you the legal vocabulary that you will need to become successful. 
  • Human Resources – Help advance yourself in the ever-evolving field of HR with this elective that can teach you terms practices of this field.
  • Oil & Gas – Improve your communication skills in the oil and gas industry with this course, learning technical vocabulary and language..
  • Engineering – Learn all of the vocabulary essential for a career in engineering. Become able to express technical data accurately, describe different processes, and refer to technical drawings and charts.
  • Police & Law Enforcement – Cover a wide range of terms and phrases applicable for a career in law enforcement. This includes jobs in the civilian and military police, international law enforcement agencies, and customs control.
  • Aviation & ELPAC – This course will develop your English language skills to cover vocabulary specific to aviation professionals. You will cover terms relevant for careers across the aviation industry, including air traffic control.
  • Media – Learn all of the key terms related to the world of media. Particularly useful for students interested in pursuing a career in film, journalism, or publishing.
  • Medical English – Perfect for overseas medical students looking to improve their English language skills in a medical context. Learn how to explain diagnoses, deal with anxious patients, and more.
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation – Gain the essential knowledge needed to succeed in the Cambridge FCE or CAE examinations with these tailored preparation classes.
  • Automotive Industry – Develop your English vocabulary in relation to the automotive industry with this course. Learn the language needed to discuss topics including performance, safety, design, and trends.


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