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The elective classes are optional extra lessons built to intensify selected courses, build on the language skills you already have and improve your overall chances of success on your course.

The Language Gallery offers a flexible timetable where you can choose from up to 14 English electives and to add up to two extra options to your core course. We can create a personalized combination of classes for you whether you need to practice your conversation or need help with professional communication. The classes provide a valuable extra time with teachers and help on build your more confidence in your English or German language skills.

Explore the wide range of options and learn more about the details of each class:

Welcome to the City – Students at our English-speaking centres can choose a one-week elective to help them explore their new city. You’ll get all the important cultural information, find out about the best sights and places to go, and tour the local area. After this elective, you’ll easily find your way around the city.

Scribble – If you’re hoping to grasp the simpler aspects of your chosen language, apply for our Scribble course!

Scribble will improve your spelling and handwriting by teaching you through social media posts, emails, notes, and more. By teaching you real-world contexts, TLG ensures that you’ll soon be writing with complete confidence!

Speak up! –  If socialising is your favourite activity and you’re looking to develop your general fluency, then you’ve come to the right place. TLG teaches through real-world contexts which will give you a greater understanding of pronunciation and vocabulary as well as improving your listening.

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Write – If you love the online world then this is the course for you. This course is for those who want knowledge in communicating online via email, social media, and instant messaging.

Your all-round English will improve through learning about punctuation, structure, spelling, vocabulary, and more.

Word World – Improve your English by learning through daily activities. Discuss your work, your city, how you like to spend your leisure time, favourite sports, and more.

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Grammar Club – Students of all levels are eligible for this grammar-focused course which will ensure you are writing with complete accuracy and confidence. You will come out of this course with more understanding on describing the past present and future at a basic or more complex level, as well as using grammar of speaking and writing more accurately.

English in the City – This course will allow you to explore your host city and learn at the same time by studying your location’s history, culture, and popular places.

This course is made up of two levels; students of a pre intermediate and intermediate level, will be taught at the lower level, while learners of an above intermediate level will be taught a higher level. You will also develop on your skills to speak fluently in English, and to listen and respond to naturally spoken English.

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Pronunciation Clinic – Our pronunciation clinic does exactly what it says on the tin.

Widen your skills and learn all about sentence stress, vowels, silent letters, sarcasm, and different tones in different contexts. You will also learn the different between being direct and indirect and empathic.

Get Creative – If the creative inside you is looking to break free, then you’re in the right place. Our Intermediate+ level course is for those looking to upgrade their writing style for story writing, essays, reports, and more. You will also develop your ability to write consistently in English, and your ability to understand and respond to naturally written English in a range of contexts. You will be taught about punctuation, structure, cohesion, editing, and vocabulary.

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Get Set for Business – This course is ideal for those looking to enter the world of work and is designed to improve your knowledge and vocabulary of business communications. You will be prepared for meetings, negotiations, presentations, emails, conference calls, and more. Invest in yourself; take this course and watch your career soar!

Media Club – If you are looking for an intensive programme in media of film and journalism then this is the course for you. This course is designed for students of an intermediate level and above. You will learn to develop your skills in writing, listening, speaking and reading.

Film Club – If you’re working at an intermediate level or above, then you’re a perfect candidate for this course which allows you to combine language learning with your hobby.

By practicing through film, you will be exposed to the natural flow of speech in various real life situations.

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The Beautiful Game – Improve your language skills through The Beautiful Game and learn football terminology. Other football assessments include watching interviews with stars to improve your pronunciation and learning to read through player profiles as well as understanding football verbs, vocabulary and formations.

Think – If improving your English is a requirement of the academic institution of your dreams, then look no further. TLG has specifically designed this course for students in this situation.

Our course aims to develop your critical thinking and writing skills and plenty of teamwork is included, so you get a real feel for academic life.

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